CJ Ceremonies in Colorado Weddings Magazine

CJ Ceremonies in Colorado Weddings Magazine

Photo courtesy of http://www.casiezalud.com & http://alisonvagnini.com

Recently, CJ Ceremonies was recommended on the Colorado Weddings Magazine blog for a lovely wedding that Robin officiated in Beaver Creek.

The bride, Valerie, also included a description of her experience with Robin in an expanded post for Luxe Mountain Weddings.

We were so fortunate to have Rev Miller officiate. I did not want pre-marriage counseling but the sessions Rev Miller provided were some of the most memorable events in the planning process, I found my self looking forward to them. It made us really reflect upon what we were doing and why. She was very easy to talk to and provided a grounding presence throughout the chaos of planning.

Valerie and Sergio are from New Jersey, but were holding a destination wedding in the mountains. Their pre-wedding coaching was arranged through virtual and phone conversations.

Whether you are from Colorado or planning a Colorado destination wedding, contact Rev Robin Miller today!

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