Appreciative Couples 


“. . . so glad that you are still helping couples prepare for marriage (and other major transitions) because you do such a great job.”

Best Wishes,

Christina and Matt

Gabe and Brooke“…thank you again for helping us with our wedding.  It was everything we hoped it would be and more.”

Thanks again,

Brooke and Gabe


“We do want to say thank you so very much for making our day so beautiful. The whole day was amazing but we feel you personally brought more meaning to the day than we could have hoped for. Your professionalism and sincerity guided us through our nervousness for want of a day that was hopefully to be a day of love and remembrance. I was a nervous wreck and I know Connie was also. But when the music started and I saw my bride coming towards me, well, I was overwhelmed to say the least. I snuck a glance at you and you were also looking at Connie, but there was a look and smile on your face that put me at ease, a look that said you were truly happy to be there with us and share a very reverent time in our lives.”

Our Best,     Charlie and Connie

Appreciative Parents


Botanic Gardens

“The whole wedding was more than we could have dreamed. THANK you Robin for knowing them. We were delighted and moved by your words, kindness and true joy. . . .Thanks for their day:   one that will live in our hearts forever.”

Most appreciatively,     Eileen


BuenaVista“Thank you so very much for Scott and Kate. You were the right person for both of them. You knew them well…….their goods and bads. . . .  EVERYONE was very impressed and pleased with your ceremony and your personal touches.”

Thanks again from the bottom of my heart,   Linda